Friday, January 25, 2008

Neti Pots are from Heaven!

I am just coming out of a nasty week long flu and I must say that sinus pain is one thing that really kicks my... Thank God, or whoever you want to thank, for neti pots! If you've never heard of a neti pot then you have got to try one. They clean out your sinuses like nothing else can... a steaming hot shower on the face is pretty fabulous in a pinch but nothing beats the neti pot! My mode d'emploi is to scoop about a quarter tsp of salt into the pot and then bring my tap water to a temperature that is comfortably warm (I test the comfort level of the water temperature in my mouth.) I fill the pot and then I agitate the water to make sure the salt is absorbed. Finally, I put the spout into one nostril, tip my head and the pot to allow the water to drain through one nostril and out the other then draining into the sink. When I finish with nostril number one I repeat the process with nostril number two and then I clean my little pot with soap and water and enjoy a few pain free moments. Simply follow the directions that come with your neti pot and you will thank heaven for that purchase. The photo above is one of the cooler neti pots that I've seen and if you click on the photo it'll link you to that product at Peaceful Company. I have no affiliation, I just liked their neti pot.

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Jen Kerlin said...

GlamSpirit just did a great post on neti pots and there is a demonstration video. Check it out!